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Savor the country's irresistible charm and learn about the best things to do with our list of the top attractions in France.

Es gehörte nicht nur zu den prunkvollsten Errungenschaften der Ordensgemeinschaft sondern meint auch die älteste. Von hier aus begann der Aufstieg der ritterlichen Mönche und so empfiehlt es sich, auf dem riesigen Schlossgelände Halt zu machen.Weiterlesen

Provence invites visitors to escape into a dreamy bucolic landscape of olive groves, sun-drenched rolling hills, and deep purple lavender fields, with little villages nestled in the valleys and perched on rocky outcrops.

The Louvre displays around 35,000 artworks, including countless masterpieces. It's impossible to see it all in a day or even in a week. Take a private guided tour or focus on a shortlist of key artworks for the most rewarding experience.

Suspended between heaven and earth on a sheer limestone cliff, Rocamadour is an unforgettable sacred kent. In the 11th century, this pilgrimage destination was the third most important in Christendom after Jerusalem and Rome.

Inspired by rural architecture, the buildings have a weathered finish that was intentionally rendered to lend a rustic look (although the interiors were exquisitely furnished).

The most spectacular space in the palace is the Hall of Mirrors, where courtiers waited for an audience with His Majesty. This dazzling gallery sparkles with sunlight that enters through the windows and is reflected off hundreds of ornamental mirrors, while dozens of glittering chandeliers and gilded details make the overall impression even more marvelous.

Die Brücke selbst kostet keinen Eintritt und das lockt natürlich viele Besucher an, deswegen ist es insbesondere in den warmen Sommermonaten und am Wochenende auch recht voll.

Many of the villages have won France's "Villages Fleuris" award for their lovely floral decorations, such birli Obernai, with its characteristic burghers' houses; the charming little village of Ribeauvillé, where many homes are adorned with potted flowers; the "town of peş and history" Guebwiller; and the captivating medieval village of Bergheim.

At the exhilarating height of 276 meters, the top level offers a sweeping outlook over the city of Paris and beyond. Vistas extend as far as 70 kilometers on a clear day.

Catering to diners with good appetites, local restaurants serve hearty meals typical of the Savoie region, as Sehenswürdigkeiten well kakım international cuisine. To sample the local Savoyard specialties, try the charcuterie, fondue

A replica of the cave was created at the nearby Lascaux II site in Montignac, 200 meters from the actual cave. Opened in 1983, Lascaux II is a faithful reproduction of the Lascaux Cave and its paintings.

The Chartres Cathedral is renowned for its marvelous stained-glass windows, most dating to the 12th and 13th centuries. Covering 2,500 square meters, the brilliant stained-glass windows allow colorful light to filter into the vast nave, creating an ethereal effect. The intricately detailed windows reveal the incredible craftsmanship in depicting biblical stories.

The town of Nice saf panoramic sea views and stellar ense museums. Cannes is famous for its celebrity film festival and legendary hotels.

Der nächste Kilometer wird anstrengend, denn es geht ordentlich bergauf. Mitos genug Pausen ist das allerdings kein Mesele und nach etwa einer Stunde gehzeit hat man das schwerste Stück bereits hinter sich. Danach geht es gemütlich und leicht bergab in Richtung historische Schmiede.

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